Our Mission:

  • Link  clients in Orange County with competent EFT therapists
  • Promote the learning and practice of EFT
  • Foster collegiality and support among our members
  • Assist members in gaining Certification
  • Publicize the value of EFT to our growing OC community

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Hold Me Tight® Couples Workshop was a success!

Congratulations to Betsy Walli and Bahar Mahmoudian for a very successful Hold Me Tight® Couples Workshop held in Newport Beach December 10-11, with helpers Peggy Bolcoa, Ben Culhane, Jan Pollitt, Maryam Dalili, and Sherry Fleming. Some comments from participants:

“Coming in I was super scared and uneasy of what would be expected from me. But after going through it, I absolutely recommend it. It opened me up and I learned a lot.”

“I attended this workshop early in my present relationship, as a way to proactively protect and nurture my relationship. I found this very valuable, particularly identifying raw spots.”

“This was an amazing experience – incredible approach to strengthening a significant relationship. So glad I was able to attend with my fiancé. Gave us tools to use for a better life.”

“The workshop surpassed all my expectations. I was worried that bringing up feelings and issues might harm my relationship. But with the tools I learned to use, it felt very safe, and the conversations between my partner and me were well received on both sides and brought us closer together.”

Betsy and Bahar will be offering another Hold Me Tight® Workshop early in 2017.

Self-help book released November 2016

A new self-help book written by Susan Merrill was released on Friday, November 11th, 2016. To learn more about her book, Reconnecting to Self: How to Create a Better Relationship with…You!, please see our Resource Page.

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1) Mastering First SessionsLos Angeles, January 21, 2017

2) EFT Summit 2017: New Directions in Science and Psychotherapy -San Diego, Oct 12th – 14th, 2017

3) General Membership Meeting: February 4, 2017

4) EFT Supervision Group, Newport Beach, CA  (Second and fourth Friday of each month)




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