Our Mission:

  • Link  clients in Orange County with competent EFT therapists
  • Promote the learning and practice of EFT
  • Foster collegiality and support among our members
  • Assist members in gaining Certification
  • Publicize the value of EFT to our growing OC community

If you are a client looking for a therapist to help you make positive changes  in your own relationship, you’ve come to the right place.  Our wish for you is a successful, healing journey!    Find a Therapist Now

If you are a therapist looking for a method  of integrating Attachment Theory with over 20 years of scientific research validating its efficacy,  join us in our quest to provide Orange County with well trained therapists in Dr.  Sue Johnson’s Emotionally Focused Therapy.    JOIN NOW

 UPCOMING EVENTS (please see our Events page for details):

1)  September General Membership Meeting  (Saturday, September 10th).  

2)  EFT Supervision Group, Newport Beach, CA  (Second and fourth Friday of each month)

3)  Creating Connections 2016, Washington, DC (Sept. 22-24)

4)  Hold Me Tight Couples Workshop in Lake Arrowhead, CA (Oct. 14-16)

5)  Externship in EFT with Dr. Sue Johnson and Dr. Silvina Irwin (Nov. 7-10)

6)  Hold Me Tight Couples Workshop in Newport Beach, CA (Dec. 10-11)




OC Community for Emotionally Focused Therapy